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The Delaney Difference

Why we chose Delaney to enhance the client experience at Moth & Magpie

            Delaney is passionate about continuing education in her piercing career, she is actively pursuing APA status, as well as training and traveling to learn. Delaney uses the most steril set up possible by using all disposable supplies, sterile gloves, Autoclaved Jewelry of the highest quality, as well as changing gloves and washing her hands multiple times during the set up and piercing process.

           The pricing system Delaney uses may seem strange at first, but she believes no location or area of the body should cost more to pierce than any other so we use a $40 flat rate plus the cost of jewelry for any placement. Ask about multi piercing discounts!

            Sterility, Safety, and Client Comfort are what drive Delaneys piercing process every day and for those reasons we couldnt be happier to have her on our team! Come in and experience the difference Delaney makes.

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