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Jake Richman

Studio owner/Artist

Blackwork, Dotwork, Art Nouveau

A born and raised New Yorker, Jake pursued a life studying, performing, and teaching music before he found his passion in the world of tattooing. He started his apprenticeship in the summer of 2011 in Bowling Green, Ohio, where he had been attending school. Fascinated with American Traditional, and Neotraditional tattoos, he took off, focusing his efforts solely on color tattoos before he discovered blackwork as his true calling. Being able to render illustrative, traditional, neotraditional, geometric, and realistic designs in different values and densities of black ink had an elegant sort of simplicity that translated well for what he wanted to do with his art.

After exploring studios across Northwest Ohio, and soaking up as much tattoo knowledge as possible, the path for Jake turned to the South. Moving to Augusta, GA in 2019, he quickly built a new life on the foundations of his unique tattooing style, and an ambitious, friendly demeanor that doesn't know when to quit! He opened Moth & Magpie Tattoo Studio in January 2022 and seeks to provide a friendly, safe, and inviting place to work and visit.


Often you will find him tattooing animal skulls, floral arrangements, illustrative animals, and plenty of mushrooms and insects. In his off-time, Jake can be found deeply involved with art projects, shooting pool, enjoying a good book, and traveling as often as his busy schedule allows. 

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