Jake Aviary

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As an owner of Moth & Magpie, Jake has been tattooing for 10 years and specializes in Dot-Work and Neo Traditional color. Jake is known for his custom floral work and ornamental framing elements, Jake is also a member of the Competitive Travel Team for Dates see his Artists page.


Robert Twilley

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Robert has been tattooing for almost 20 years and is a well rounded artist who exceeds at multiple styles including, Portraiture, Ornamentals, Japanese, and takes on large projects in either color or Black and Gray. He proudly owned and operated Aces & Eights Tattoo for 14 years.



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A true Original, Gus has been tattooing for over 20 years, specializing in traditional among other styles and takes on both Full Color and Black and Gray projects. Gus has mentored multiple apprentices who are now accomplished artists, many of whom work  along side him at Moth & Magpie.

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Brooke Ayers

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Brooke is a very well rounded tattooer offering a wide array of styles, as well as award winning PMU services. Brooke is a Brow specialist as well as a phenomenal Traditional and neo traditional tattooer. Brooke also offers Japanese, full color, and Black and Gray. Brooke is a member of the Competitive Travel Team check her artists page for travel dates!

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Scotty B

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Scotty truly is a  Black and Gray Realism Specialist, he is passionate about photorealism and darker themes in portraiture, however Scotty also does animals, landscapes, and other subject matter in black and gray. Scotty is also a member of the Competitive Travel Team, check out his artist page for dates!

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Vermillion Inks

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Vermillion recently relocated from Florida to join this team and bring his specialties of Hyper-Realism, Portraiture, and Surrealism done in vivid colors to the CSRA. The man affectionately known as "Milli" to his clients is apart of the Competitive Travel Team check out his artists page for dates!



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Maggie is another recent and welcome addition to our team! Maggie is known for her full color Neo-Traditional but offers and enjoys working in many other styles! She loves transforming dark and mystical themes into bright colorful and fun pieces. Maggie is a member of the Competitive Travel Team see her artist page for dates!

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Sky LOVES new school, and enjoys tattooing both Color and Black and Grey pieces from many  different styles and spheres of pop culture. Make their day ask them for a Kirby... or Batman and Robin on a vintage bicycle. Sky takes walk-ins on Fridays and Saturdays. Sky uses They/Them pronouns! 



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Delaney is a phenomenal piercer! she loves custom ear curations and working with clients to achieve unique looks.

Artist Photos credit: Love, Ali Studios