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Samuel Keonig

Tattoo Artist

American Traditional, Neo-Traditional, Fine Line

Born in North Lauderdale, Florida, Sam made his way to Augusta early in life, and has been here ever since! Always drawn to art and taking his visions to paper at a young age, he was encouraged to be a tattoo artist from a young age when his art made it onto someone's skin with pen and markers. 

After a short stint studying art at the college level, Sam found that, while the education was valuable, he wanted his art education to be much more tattoo specific; finding his home at Moth & Magpie Tattoo Studio to start his apprenticeship in July, 2023. A dedicated student, and a sponge for theory, technique, and history, Sam flew through his apprenticeship with a clear passion for the craft; working every day to become a better artist with every tattoo he does. With an admiration for neotraditional artwork and all that the style has to offer, he enjoys tattoos with bold lines, bright colors, and soft gradients, although it's likely that you'll find him experimenting with many styles as he progresses in his career.

When he's not in the studio, you'll find him experimenting in the kitchen with different recipes, adding to his extensive plant collection, or foraging for animal bones for art projects. He is also a HUGE animal lover; taking care of two dogs, three snakes, and his bearded dragon.

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