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Meet The Team



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Maggie May is our neotraditional specialist. You'll recognize her work by her signature linework and solid saturation of color. She loves transforming dark and mystical themes into bright colorful pieces, as well as bringing anime inspired works to life on the skin. 

Maggie also specializes in color work on darker skin tones!

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Skylar has been with us since the beginning! Ask Sky to set you up with your next Minimalist, American Traditional, or New School tattoo and you will absolutely make their day. Always happy to take a walk-in and greet you with a smile!

We ask that you please respect their They/Them pronouns.



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Delaney is a phenomenal piercer! she loves custom ear curations and working with clients to achieve unique looks. She is also extremely safe and professional, and is working toward APP certification, to better serve her clients.

A member of the Divinity Metals pro-team, Dlenay carries only high end jewelry from titanium to 14 Carat gold!


Jake Aviary

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Owner of Moth & Magpie and our Blackwork/dotwork specialist. Jake focuses his art on neotraditional skulls, animals, floral arrangements, and art nouveau elements to create a beautiful, composed image for his clients.


Joseph Gonzo

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Joseph is the newest member of our team and has experience with a wide range of styles of tattooing. Joining us after many years of tattooing all over the country, you are guaranteed to be satisfied with his work.

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