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Mike Thomas

Tattoo Artist

American Traditional

Mike Thomas has been all over the world, but he calls Augusta, GA his home. Starting his tattooing career in 2003, Mike loves working on American Traditional tattoos! Bold lines, Solid Color; whether he has the opportunity to pay homage to tattooers of old by recreating classic flash, or digging in on his personal art, Mike is always ready to lay down a tattoo that reads across a room!

Mike has a passion for teaching, especially when it comes to the building and tuning of tattoo machines, and is always there with unique insight for those newer to the industry. He's also very passionate about his art and painting whenever he gets the opportunity to sit down with it.

When he's not in the studio, Mike enjoys live music, video games (try beating him at Mortal Combat; you can't), and playing guitar at Open Mic nights in the area!

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